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Philips Avent

Microwave Steam Steriliser

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The Microwave Steam Sterilizer is an ideal choice for effective sterilization inside or outside the home. Sterilize up to four Philips Avent bottles or products at a time and kill 99.9% of germs in just two minutes.

The exact length of the cycle will depend on the power of the microwave, of course. 2 minutes at 1200 - 1850 W, 4 minutes at 850 - 1100 W, 6 minutes at 500 - 800 W. Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if lid is not opened.
The lightweight and compact design of the sterilizer allows you to take it with you wherever you go: on vacation, visiting family, etc. Now you always have bottles and other sterilized products close at hand.

Intake mode

It is recommended to only place objects that are suitable for sterilization in the sterilizer. Not sterilize the bottle brush or items that are filled with liquid, such as
a cooling teether.

Note: Before sterilizing bottles and other objects, clean them first.

  1. Remove the basket from the base.
  2. Fill a bottle or measuring cup with exactly 200 ml of tap water and pour it at the base. The amount of water must be exactly 200 ml. If the base contains too much water, the items will not be sterilized properly. If the base does not contain enough water, this may cause damage to the sterilizer or microwave.
  3. Place the basket on the base.
  4. Place the items to be sterilized in the basket (see chapter “Preparation for your use ”).
  5. Place the lid on the sterilizer and press the latches to lock the lid on its place.
  6. Place the sterilizer in the microwave. Note: Make sure the microwave is clean and dry before starting sterilization.
  7. Select the appropriate voltage and time in the microwave (refer to the table that appears below) and let this one work.


Water capacity: 200 ml

Dimensions: 166 (H), 280 (W), 280 (L)  mm

Weight: 740  g

Sterilisation time: 2 min at 1200–1850 W, 4 min at 850–1100 W, 6 min at 500–800 W

Microwave steam steriliser: 1  pcs

Tongs: 1  pcs





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Catriona Fletcher

It is a great easy efficient steam steriliser