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small footprints, big steps

MFT is born and raised with the vision to make the world a greener, cleaner place for everyone, and especially for our kids.

We're on a journey to becoming a low carbon company and are now 9 months in being a climate positive workforce.
Every month we are offsetting our own personal carbon footprint - home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies, business travels - planting trees in our company forest, and financing carbon reduction projects from around the world through Ecologi.
So far we have planted 446 trees and reduced 17.57 tonnes of CO2e. That's equivalent to 13 long haul flights, 53 m2 of sea ice saved, or 43,591 miles driven in a car. 
With renting, you are reducing your CO2e footprint by tonnes every year by contributing to a circular economy which we will all benefit from.

On top of that, we'll be planting one tree with every MFT checkout.

Join us in making a green promise come true - together we can make a bigger step towards a greener tomorrow.