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our story

Hi, I'm Fanny and the founder of My Fourth Trimester!
They say that with every new baby born, so is a new parent - so I guess you could say that the seed to what was going to become My Fourth Trimester started the summer of 2019, on a hot Sunday evening in June, as my daughter Liv was born.
Liv was born with a cleft palate, and 12 hours after she was born, I found out that I wasn't going to be able to breastfeed her - something I had taken for granted I would be able to do. The first few days were upside down trying to figure things out - this was parenthood, raw and full on.
Sometimes unexpected things happen along the way - and we just have to run with it. Especially in those early days.
I ended up spending a fortune in breast pumps, accessories and equipment, and as I searched my way through the market I couldn't help but think: was this it? Were parents doomed to spend this much money, only to have to re-gift, re-turn or re-sell our baby products?
What if parents could choose what they need - when they need it, instead?
So what is My Fourth Trimester?
It's saying bye to buying, and welcoming renting into your family life. Embrace a hassle-free parenthood and save money, gain time and look out for the world - all in one go.
Our core value and what MFT is all about, is a circular life, a better tomorrow for our kids. A less polluted, kinder world - a place where we look out for each other, and where we give back and pass things on.
We call it conscious parenting. But what it really is, is parenting on your terms.
Welcome to your Fourth Trimester.