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parenting on your terms

the UK's first baby and nursery rental service for new parents. because there's no plan(et) B.


save money

renting with us gives you access to top brands - for far less money than retail price

gain time

we have collected everything you need in one place - so you have time for the more important stuff

look out for the world

with renting you contribute to a kinder, less polluted world - a better tomorrow for our kids.

Introducing - MFT meets!

MFT meets is our blog space where we talk with pregnancy and post-partum related people we admire!

This week I'm talking to Charlie Barker, founder of Bumps & Burpees, who loves to empower women and aiming to help Mums pre- and postnatally, supporting their bodies through pregnancy and beyond.


the Essential - all four one, one four all!

The Essential is one of our best sellers, and the perfect choice when you're looking for something that is not too big, but not too small. A great bundle for a newborn.


lockdown adventures with the Play All Day x Filibabba

Who said you can't have a great time staying in? In the Play All Day bundle, you'll find everything you need for a cosy time at home.



Love the concept of MFT, great for the planet but also means I’m not wasting money on items I’m only using for a few months that would then be collecting dust in my loft. MFT has been a great, reasonable service and I love our Moses basket!

Just want to say thank you for the quality of the Tens machine you posted with care (AND BATTERIES!) and to let you know I have been spreading the word!! Go MFT

We are super happy we decided to rent, and I would recommend to anyone to consider renting over buying from new - we get to give this back as the season changes and only use what we need, when we need it

the Mini Sleep x Mokee

Meet the little sister of the Big Sleep, with a smaller selection of things inside, but just as exciting.


get started with Tots Bots reusable nappies

From Bottles to Bottoms!

TotsBots are the first nappy company in the world to make their waterproof fabric from recycled plastic waste.


Swaddle me up, buttercup!

Clevamama's Nite Nite romper follows your baby from that very first night, up to 9 whole months. A romper that lasts.