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get 50% off your first two months renting the Essential!

The Essential is one of our all time best in show and a favourite for newborns, and to celebrate this we have an offer for 50% off your first two months.

Use the code SPRING50 at checkout 🛒


O Moses, Where Art Thou?

Shnuggle's Dreami Moses Basket is an all time favourite amongst parents, because sometimes when you're all over the house, you need something that moves along with you.

Find it in our bundle the Moses x Shnuggle for £19.90/ month


good for the planet, good for the wardrobe

Made up of 100% recycled polyester, fleece is a great choice for layering in our ever so changing British weather.

By using recycled polyester, there is no need to create any new materials from scratch, and what's even better - you don't even have to wash it!


dress up with MFT!

Choose a personalised monthly subscription and rent on the go!

From newborn to sizes 104/110, pick and choose your preferred pieces - and swap as they grow!

Free delivery and returns every three months is included in our monthly subscription.


home adventures with the Play All Day x Filibabba

Who said you can't have a great time staying in? In the Play All Day bundle, you'll find everything you need for a cosy time at home.


what our community says

We’ve rented a crib, a Moses basket and a TENS machine and we couldn’t be happier with My Fourth Trimester! Everything is such good quality,
communication has been excellent and we’re thrilled to be part of a more circular lifecycle for the products we’re using

We are super happy we decided to rent, and I would recommend to anyone to consider renting over buying from new - we get to give this back as the season changes and only use what we need, when we need it

Great concept for parents! We have rented The Essential and it couldn't have been easier.
The communication was great and the return process very straight forward.
Highly recommend!!!

I ordered a Moses basket from MFT. The delivery was on time, the item nicely packed with instructions and a brand new mattress. The Moses basket is sturdy and lovely design. Loving the MFT so much so that I’ve ordered more stuff from them. Excellent way to save money and the world

This pack was perfect for our newborn baby. We rented for 5 months, great value and so convenient. We were trying to keep our purchases minimal as we have a small apartment and no family for hand-me-downs so this was a ideal solution. 

All the items were in perfect condition and communication was great. Highly recommended their service.

Great service, super reliable, and at good cost. Always providing with quality products!

I was looking for a way to save money, time and space at home, as the baby will grow so quickly. MFT rental system is a great idea, as I can return the products straight away, get some space back and adjust the house with things for the baby as he grows!

I rented the Essential and received everything together on the day I had selected. Everything looked new, I don't know if it is but it certainly looked the part! The TENS machine came in a handsome tote bag that I love, and with it came a postcard from Fanny thanking me. Thank *you* for coming up with this great service!

My whole experience with MFT has been brilliant. I love the idea because there are so many things you buy, especially for a new parent, for a baby that may not work for you or you don't use for as long as you'd planned.

MFT lets you try different things in the knowledge that when you don't need them anymore, someone else will. I would highly recommend them to any parent!

Love the concept of MFT, great for the planet but also means I’m not wasting money on items I’m only using for a few months that would then be collecting dust in my loft. MFT has been a great, reasonable service and I love our Moses basket!

Excellent service so far, all items were delivered on the day we booked in advance and they are all in excellent/ new condition! Such a relief to think we can return them when we no longer need them as our flat has very limited storage.